Since Jul 2012

Allison Marabate 

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Allison Marabate is Zumbabe

Allison has been a Certified Zumba Fitness®  instructor for 8 years, and has lead a variety of classes with a wide range of participants.

So… whether you’re young, old, or middle-aged; fit, semi-fit, or just plain out-of-shape; male or female; coordinated or not - Zumbabe can be your fun fitness solution. 

Zumba Fitness® uses simple dances steps from salsa, merengue, hip-hop and more, combined with aerobic moves to up beat music. You will burn calories, tone muscles and get an amazing cardio workout.

Allison is a great motivator and will patiently teach you all basic to advanced movements that will make your aerobic experience fun, enjoyable and most of all –- productive in meeting your personal fitness goals!